Proudly serving as CPO (Chief PAWSitivity Officer) at Ronald McDonald House Charities® of the Intermountain Area (RMHC), Ollie is our first official Therapy Dog. Ollie’s role at the Charity is to offer love and support for our pediatric patient guest families by entertaining them with his arsenal of tricks, snuggling when it’s most needed, and just generally being everyone’s favorite pal. (He’s getting excellent job reviews!)

Ollie was born on December 29th, 2015 in Westfield, Indiana. With the help of Keller Williams, Ollie was brought to RmHC in May 2016 to offer joy, love and snuggles to families, volunteers, and staff alike.

Ollie was trained by Jessica and her team of trainers at Ultimate Canine. He has continued his training thanks to Willow Creek Pet Clinic who makes sure is on the top of his game.

Willow Creek Pet Center donate Ollie’s bi-weekly grooming and glam sessions, as well as all of his veterinary care. Thanks, Willow Creek! Ollie’s food has been donated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, making sure this growing boy gets the very best to keep him strong and healthy.

Ollie is taken care of by his DAWG TEAM, made up of wonderful volunteers and staff who see to his every need and make sure pediatric patient guest families get plenty of time to visit with him.

Part of Ollie’s weekly regimen is to swim weekly at Barley’s Dog Recreation Center. He and his pal Annie race for tennis balls and chase each other around the pool.

Ollie loves hanging out with guests in the house! He is always willing to listen to a good book, cuddle up, and even occasionally share his toy or bone. If guests ask nicely, Ollie will show off and give ‘knuckles’ or do another trick for his friends.

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Ollie welcoming his new pals Lyndon and Crosby to the Ronald McDonald House. Ollie regularly welcomes new guests and makes them feel right at home.

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Five Fun Facts about Ollie:

One of his favorite parts of the day is letting his ears flap in the wind as he drives to and from work

He goes swimming and hiking at least once a week

His favorite snack is hot dogs

His favorite trick is ‘knuckles’

He does a mean downward dog and cobra pose but he’s still working on his warrior 1, 2,and 3



It’s official – Ollie’s PAWSitivity Pack has arrived! Join the Pack today by visiting Ollie’s fan club signup page, and show some love for RMHC’s therapy dog/Chief PAWSitivity Officer! Pack members receive special perks and exclusive swag, as well as all the snuggles and ‘knuckles’ bumps a person can handle. We’re all stronger together, and Ollie wants YOU to check out the PAWSitivity Pack! Click here for more information!


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