April 2021

There’s No Time Like Now -Register for the 2021 Virtual Gala!
We hope you will join us for this year’s Spirit of Children Virtual Gala. To register for the Silent Auction, you can text Spirit2021 to 76278 or click the button below.

The evening will start with a Live Stream on our YouTube page and FaceBook channel at 5:30pm

From 6-7PM, KUTV2 will host a live broadcast that will highlight the work of the Ronald McDonald House and the families we serve. Mark Koelbel and Sterling Poulson will work to raise awareness and funds for the RMHC Mission.

At 7:30PM, join Chris Sparrer-Baer, Board Chair of RMHC and Carrie Romano, CEO of RMHC as we finish up the evening with the syndicate membership opportunity drawing and a special live performance from Mat and Savanna Shaw.

Finally, tune in to KUTV2 at 10PM to hear the final tally of the most impactful fundraiser we host each year!

Go to our website to see the Schedule of Events. 

We hope to see you there!

Nate Wade Spotlight
Our partner, Nate Wade Subaru is back again this year to match $5,000 in Facebook Birthday donations made to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Last year, this fun program lasted through the summer. The $10,000 raised through this initiative is critical in supporting families during their child’s illness or injury.

Thank you Nate Wade for this amazing and fun program that raises critical funds for our mission while celebrating the birthdays of the people in our community who support us!

You can start your own Facebook Fundraiser to be matched by Nate Wade Subaru by clicking on the link in the Facebook Birthday story below!

Health Tip From Hannah
Stress is not in exactly in short supply right now. Many Americans report having moderate to high levels of stress (Patterson, 2020). But what if I told you that stress could actually be good for your health? No, it’s not a joke; it all depends on how you perceive stress. Researchers have discovered that if we change the way we think about stress, we can experience a variety of health benefits, including a longer life. (May, 2014).

Next time you experience stress, ask yourself, “How am I responding?” Is your heart beating faster or harder? Are your breaths irregular? Are you sweating? Instead of viewing these changes as uncomfortable inconveniences, view them as beneficial. If we learn how to view the stress response as helpful, we are less likely to suffer from the negative effects of stress.

Try applying this principle the next time you experience stress. Below are some examples of thoughts that can help you shift the way you react to stress so that you can benefit from all the good that stress has to offer,

“My body is providing me the energy I need to act.”

“My body is experiencing these changes to help me survive.” After all, these fight or flight symptoms have helped our ancestors survive for generations.

“My body is communicating to me in the attempt of helping me out.”

I recommend you listen to the TED talk and read the article cited below to learn more about the research and how to individualize the benefits to your life.


May, K. (2014, July 16). 7 ways stress does your mind and body good. We Humans.

Patterson, E. (2020, November 6). Stress facts and statistics. The Recovery Village

McGonigal, K. (2013, June). How to make stress your friend [Video]. TEDGlobal.

Facebook Birthdays 2021
Do you have an upcoming birthday? If so, we would love to be your choice for a birthday fundraiser. Birthday fundraisers made a big difference in the lives of the families we serve. Each fundraiser helps increase awareness and support for our organization.

And right now – every dollar you raise for your birthday fundraiser is matched 1:1 by Nate Wade Subaru until we reach $5,000!

If you have a birthday coming up and would like to create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for RMHC, click the button below.

Happy Birthday!