February 2021

You Made A Difference in 2020
2020 was a year full of many challenges that we had not navigated as a global society before. Many of us were in lockdown and began social distancing and isolating in an attempt to stay safe, healthy and “flatten the curve”. The pediatric patient families that we serve at Ronald McDonald House Charities were unable to pause their child’s health battle so they could navigate a pandemic. They needed more support and more care to stay healthy and safe – and to do that, more resources were required. You helped to make that possible. With you help, this is what we were able to accomplish in 2020:

  • 1,328 families served on-site and off-site at the Ronald McDonald House for 13,581 total nights.
    • 1,094 families stayed at the Ronald McDonald House
    • 169 families stayed in hotels
    • 65 families stayed in off-site short term rental units
  • 2,475 families were served in the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Primary Children’s Hospital for 33,686 respite visits. The retreat rooms were used to provide 910 overnight stays.
  • 1,224 families served by our Hospitality Carts at Shriners Hospital for Children and Ogden Regional Medical Center
  • 40,340 total meals provided to families at the Ronald McDonald House and Family Room.

Thank you for your support during this last year. The pediatric patient families that rely on our services will continue to be supported thanks to you.

Spirit of Children Gala- Silent Auction Help
Our most significant fundraiser is coming up in April 2021 – and a big part of the funds raised the day of the event are through our Silent Auction!

Your support with a donated item or basket valued at $100 – $250 will help pediatric patient families seeking help and support in 2021. Your donated item can be anything from gift cards, to art work, to kitchen supplies, or more.

And if you would like to do a basket, the sky is the limit. Showcase your generosity and creativity through the basket you curate and donate. All of the donations will be showcased in one of the largest silent auctions in Salt Lake City. The funds raised from this night help provide resources that will impact hundreds of families this year.

Just like last year – everyone is invited to participate in our on-line mobile silent auction bidding system. A lot of people will be able to see your donated item or basket and your generous support of RMHC!

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in our charity auction by donating items, services, gift certificates, or fully-formed gift baskets, please email Kacie Pecor or call 801-363-4663 or for more information.

Egües Family – Our Valentine’s Story
We spotlighted the Egües Family in our Valentine’s Day card this year. This family may be familiar to many of you as they have actually been staying at the Ronald McDonald House since January 2020. They came to Salt Lake City to have access to our state-of-the-art pediatric care and have stayed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They have needed the life-saving medical treatments for their youngest daughter, Sophia, that are only available here.

Your love of our charity has helped us serve families like this in 2020. Thank you!

Welcome New Board Members
At the end of January, RMHC welcomed three new board members: Kristin Andrus , Ashif Jiwani, and Angelina Tsu. They have committed their time and talents to help share the mission of our organization. We are thrilled to have them as part of our amazing board of directors. We are excited for what the future holds under the leadership of this amazing group!

For the full slate of RMHC’s board of directors and officers, CLICK HERE.

Free Will
To show our thanks, we want to offer a resource to help you write a legal will, for free. Take 20 minutes today to protect the people you love, forever. Get started on your free will today!
Health Tip From Hannah
Building Resilience 

Humankind is experiencing a collective trauma: a world-wide pandemic. How do we persevere in the face of a pandemic and continue to work towards personal growth? Resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt in the face of life’s stressors and to even gain personal strength despite the trauma or stressor. Resilience is a skill that you can continue to develop with practice. Below are several tools we can utilize to build resilience in our own lives.


RVM, a philanthropist and poet, wrote: “Learn to accept and bend like the willow. For if you resist, you will break like the oak.” When we approach life with a rigid view of how things must be, with no flexibility, we are more likely to break down from the stress. Increase flexibility in your life by allowing yourself multiple options when unforeseeable barriers disrupt your original plan. Be aware of thoughts that catastrophize or label things as “black or white.” Also, be aware of thoughts that hinder your ability to make space for alternatives.


Isolation is a natural response when we feel overwhelmed. Learning to connect in ways that work for us strengthens resiliency. Talk to family or friends. Schedule a virtual video call. Plan socially safe activities with those you care about. Connection can also come in the form of asking for help. Keep in mind that asking for help might include help from professionals (e.g., mental health therapists, psychiatrists, etc.).


Notice when your mind is replaying past or future fears, hurts, and stressors. Practice connecting to yourself and the moment. Feel the breeze on your skin when you are out for your walk. Listen to the sound of your kids playing. Observe how your hot coffee feels in your hands or as you swallow. The present is where we can heal and grow.

Our resilience will increase as we use these skills. Want more information? Visit the American Psychological Association for additional ideas on how to build resiliency.

Facebook Birthdays 2021
Do you have an upcoming birthday? If so, we would love to be your choice for a birthday fundraiser. Birthday fundraisers made a big difference in the lives of the families we serve. Each fundraiser helps increase awareness and support for our organization.

If you have a birthday coming up and would like to create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for RMHC, click button below.

Happy Birthday!