How To Stay at the House

Families staying at the Ronald McDonald House must have a child age 21 or younger receiving medical care at a hospital in the Salt Lake Area. Families must live at least 35 miles from downtown Salt Lake City. To help serve as many families as possible, families who anticipate a stay of 3 nights or longer will prioritized on our arrival list.

If your family meets these criteria, follow the steps listed below.

Step One: the Referral

Call your Social Worker at the hospital where your child will be receiving care as soon as you know the date of your appointment (or when you arrive at the hospital in the event of an unplanned hospital visit). They will verify your appointment and provide you with additional information regarding your ability to stay. Once we receive your referral, you are eligible to be placed on the waiting list. If you do not know the specific social worker in your unit, you may call the numbers below for assistance:

  • Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) – 801-662-6559 (Family Support Services)
  • Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) – 801-662-1000 (main)
  • University Hospital (UUMC) – 801-581-2121
  • Shriner’s Hospital (SH) – 801-536-3500
  • LDS Hospital (LDS) – 801-408-1100
  • Moran Eye Center – 385-282-6987
  • Intermountain Medical Center – 801-507-7000

Step Two: The Waiting List (Begins One Day in Advance)

Each of our guests has a child receiving medical treatment and cannot be sure of when their child will be discharged from the hospital and when they will be checking out. For this reason, except in specific circumstances advance reservations are not possible. To provide all families with a medical need an equal opportunity to stay, we use the following waiting list system:

  • Call the House at 801-363-4663 one day before you would like to stay: The Ronald McDonald House operates on a “first come, first served” basis. You may call as early as 8am the day before you intend to arrive to be placed on the waiting list for the next day.
  • Call in again the following day to check the status. Rooms will be assigned as they become available. If we do not hear from you by noon on the day of your arrival, your room will be released to the next name on the waiting list.
  • If we are unable to get you in the first night, you will have the option to remain on the waiting list until your name gets to the top and a room becomes available. You must call in daily to confirm that you still want a room until you check in. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you have gone home or made other housing arrangements and your name will be dropped from the waiting list. When you call in we will ask for a telephone number where you can be reached.
  • Our waiting list on any given day may contain “carry-overs” and “today’s arrivals”. Carry-overs on the waiting list (those people who wanted a room yesterday but were unable to get in), will receive priority over families who arrive today on the waiting list. This is in keeping with our “first come, first served” guidelines.

Step Three: Check-In

• Once room availability has been confirmed, the following items must be provided:

  1. Photo ID for all guests 18 years and older.
  2. Signed Guidelines, Rules and Guest Agreement stating that you understand and agree to follow House Guidelines for all guests 18 and older. This includes our Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Policy, which states that anyone with an infectious disease, or who recently has been exposed to an infectious disease, must be denied admittance to a Ronald McDonald House. All House guests, staff, volunteers and visitors must be compliant with this policy for the well-being of all of our guests. Anyone with convictions, pending cases or investigations regarding child abuse, neglect, domestic violence or other violent crimes or felonies will not be admitted. You may print and sign guidelines from this website before arrival to shorten check-in time.

Suggested $20 donation for each night’s stay (Note that families will not be turned away for an inability to pay)

Additional items that may be required:

Documents related to specific individual circumstances. Please call for more information regarding:

  • Any child staying at the House without their legal guardian for any length of time, or minor parents (parents under the age of 18) – will require RMHC notarized Temporary Guardianship Form
  • High risk pregnancy – will require doctor’s note or additional adult to stay
  • Medicaid pre-approval if ID or MT Medicaid will be covering your stay (for pre-approval, call ID MED: AMR at 1-877-503-1261 or MT MED at 1-877-543-7669).
  • Therapy animals at the House – call for rules and required documentation
  • Check-in is requested by 8:00 pm. Late check-in is available; please contact the front desk.

Step Four: Return Stays

• Your referral is good for additional stays for 12 months. You need not call your social worker if you return during that time frame, and may begin at Step Two. If 12 months have passed since your last stay, you must begin again at Step One. If you are unsure of your last date of stay, you may call the front desk.




Contact Information:

RMHC Main Desk: 801-363-4663
Fax Number: 801-363-0092
Address: 935 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102



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