September 2018

Golf Tournament

We are immensely grateful for the generous support we received at our 30th Annual Golf Tournament held Monday, August 27th at Willow Creek Golf and Country Club. Thanks to our sponsors, donors and the 152 golfers who enjoyed a beautiful day on the course, thousands of pediatric patient families will be together when they need it most. Thank you!  With another successful year under our belt, we look forward to next year’s tournament!!!


Kinard Family

On July 27, 2016 my family had a horrible house fire where I lost my son Ayden, and everything we owned. With the help of the Ronald McDonald House I was able to stay close to my three remaining family members while they were in the hospital. My husband was in the burn unit for four months and died three times.  My son Jakob, 12, was 39% burned on his whole body and on oxygen. He has had 29 major surgeries since the fire.  He fought hard and won after being in the burn unit for eleven months with nine of the months on a ventilator.  He was able to go back home to Oregon on June 30, 2017.  My daughter Savannah, 8, was 14 % burned on her legs and was in a coma for 33 days. She spent four months at Primary Children’s Hospital. She is now starting to feel comfortable with her legs and recently started wearing shorts and skirts without leggings underneath. I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for seven straight months and alone for four months while my husband and children were in comas. Altogether, I spent a total of 11 months in and out of the Ronald McDonald House. When they say it is your “home away from home” they mean it because our home was burned completely to the ground and we had no home but the Ronald McDonald House. I woke up three days after the fire in Salt Lake City, Utah and found out that my son Ayden passed away and my husband, daughter and remaining son might also pass away from the injuries. I was without a home, all alone in a new state, without clothes and everything else. The Ronald McDonald House took me in. Without the staff and other families at the Ronald McDonald House, I don’t know what I would have done. I just recently became a grandma to a little boy who is now five months old and another one on the way from my nineteen year old daughter who fortunately was not in the house. Thank you Ronald McDonald House.
Love, the Kinard family

It’s our 30th Anniversary in October
and you’re invited to celebrate with us!


There’s one word that can sum up everything great that’s happened over the last 30 years at the Ronald McDonald House: LOVE. Love has helped many thousands of children and families to be stronger together, love has encouraged families from far away to grow closer, and maybe most importantly—love has enabled our doors to stay open for thirty years. How do we celebrate 30 years of love? With 30 more!

Help us celebrate 30 years of love… of keeping families together when they need it most.  Please join us on Saturday, October 27th!

Cars 4 Kids

Toys Toys Toys Galore! Can you believe it covers our floor? Thank you to the Cars 4 Kids Foundation, all their participants and everyone involved with the event this past Saturday. Because of this event we will be able to stock our Magic Room for the next year!!!! The Magic Room is a place where kids can go and not think about their next treatment or that they aren’t home with their friends, or that their lives have been turned upside down. They are able to pick out a toy to keep for their very own! This room truly is magic!




Our Adopt-a-Room program sponsors are a remarkable group of donors who make an immediately impactful gift that underwrites the costs of a family’s stay at the Ronald McDonald House or Family Rooms. With an annual gift they adopt personal, protected spaces that bring comfort, security, and hope to anxious families and frightened children, and help us make sure pediatric patient families have a place to call home – where they can be together when they need it most. Adopt-a-Room Sponsor names are displayed proudly, lovingly, on the door or inside the room they sponsor – a testament to their compassion for all who sleep, eat, cry, relax, laugh, and enjoy time together as a family to see throughout the year of that sponsorship.

Please consider adopting a room with Ronald McDonald House Charities today. For an annual gift of $2,500 you or your organization could adopt a guest room at the Ronald McDonald House for an entire year; a gift of $5,000 could adopt a Retreat Room in the Ronald McDonald Family Rooms at Primary Children’s Hospital or an extended-stay suite for the families of immunocompromised children at the House. There are other possible levels of participation as well.

Please contact us with any questions, and stop by for a tour! We would love to show you the full impact of what your annual room adoption makes possible. Call Vickie Moschetti at 801-363-4663 or email and ask about the “Adopt-a-Room” program.



Become a member of our Red Shoe Society TODAY!

Become a member of our Red Shoe Society TODAY!  If you are looking for a new way to volunteer, and have a desire to network with young leaders in our community then RSS is the place for you.  Join us in our efforts to support the mission of RMHC by volunteering, inspiring others in our community, and raising funds for the House that Love Built!  To learn more, please contact Kacie Pecor at