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The Young Family has been coming to the Ronald McDonald House for a couple of years now. What started as a needed respite while they sought help for their eldest daughter has truly turned into a “home away from home” while they access additional care for their other children. Here is their story in their own words.

“Our 17-year old daughter tried to commit suicide 2 years ago and she was admitted in-patient at “UNI” in Salt Lake City. We live over 300 miles away. Before I knew what the Ronald McDonald House was, I (Mom) was prepared to sleep in my car and drive back and forth to make sure she could get the care that she needed.

Thankfully, we learned about the Ronald McDonald House from our social worker. We needed to be able to do family therapy and be there for her during this rough time. Being able to come to the Ronald McDonald House was really a life-saver for us. I truly believe that it helped in her therapy and helped her overcome what she was going through to have family be right here.

Three of our children receive services at Primary Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah and we now come every month for a week and use every part of the House. The Family Room is fantastic. You get to meet other families and it helps put things into perspective. As a Mom it is nice to be reminded that my kids aren’t the only ones who are going through these difficult things. It’s a community here at the House and Family Room. You gain life-long friends. It is loving and caring and you feel that from the moment you walk through the door.

This is our home-away-from-home. We feel comfortable here. I can’t even put into words the experiences we have here. We feel loved. Everyone is supportive and it helps make us feel very comfortable. It helps us face the challenges we are facing.”  – Brandi Cross Young



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